Fish Cebiche

The freshness of the fish and the seafood is what creates the cebiche. Freshly caught fish and seafood mixed with purple onions, lemon juice, salt, and a touch of chili pepper. Sweet potato and corn accompany the dish. A real luxury that the Peruvian coast brings.

Cebiche (serves 4 people)

• 200 gr. of white fish, cubed into 3 cm. x 3 cm. pieces
• ½ tsp. blended garlic
• tsp. blended aji verde pepper (aji amarillo or escabeche aji pepper)
• ½ tsp. aji limo pepper, finely chopped, (to taste)
• 5 or 6 key limes, juiced (2½ oz.)
• 1 handful of red onions, thinly sliced
• Salt and white pepper

• ½ ear of corn, stripped
• 1 sweet potato, boiled

First, place the fish in a bowl and season with the garlic, salt, white pepper, aji verde pepper and aji limo pepper. Mix thoroughly in order for the fish to be well seasoned. Next, add the juice of freshly squeezed and strained key limes. Mix for a minute. Before serving, add the onion. Lastly, serve the cebiche with the sweet potato and the kernels of corn.

The fish used must be freshly caught from that day, never frozen.





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